Legal Marketing Coach: James Greenier

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Hi. I am Legal Marketing Expert James Greenier.

Since 1998, my mission, my purpose and my passion has been to help law firms and legal businesses beat their competition and achieve record business profits.

My area of expertise is online lead generation by implementing the latest SEO techniques, legal content and copywriting, website design, content marketing to build authority and improve website conversion rates. I invest $1,000s of dollars per month in my knowledge by attending elite digital marketing seminars, webinars and I pay upwards of $500 per hour to pick the brain of today’s top digital marketing specialists.

I then report & implement these cutting edge techniques for my friends, followers and clients. This communication enables my friends and clients to absolutely dominate their competitors.

In addition to my extraordinary investment of time and money into obtaining this cutting edge knowledge , I have the most comprehensive legal marketing background available.

My Unmatched Legal Marketing Experience Gives You THE EDGE!

Since 1999, I have work for or I have been retained by 7 of the 10 most trafficked legal brand names on the Internet in the areas of content development, brand awareness, sales development and training, marketing, planning, product development, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation and improving the user experience.

This list includes a few names you will recognize.
– Thomson/FindLaw
– (Including ExpertPages and AttorneyPages)
– Lexis Nexis’ Division
– US Legal (US Legal Forms, FormsPass,, and
– and many others.

I have also personally advised and developed marketing solutions for over 5,000 law firms.

I have also build my own very successful legal support services companies that help 100s of law firms beat their competition.

– Legal Content
– Law Firm Internet
– Law Firm Website
– Lawyer

Since 1999, I have and continue to interview some of the most successful legal marketing best practices. I also have dozens on Legal Marketing Agencies as clients who provide me with their effective online marketing and SEO techniques to help them, help their clients. I document these best practices, test them and enhance their results with split testing.

As you can see, there is no other Legal Marketing Expert with the qualification, expertise, experience and ongoing continuing education that I can provide you with.

Have a Problem and Need My Help Personally?

If you have a problem with your legal marketing such as poor rankings on Google, poor content quality, poor maps placement, negative reviews, poor website performance or conversions, or any other legal marketing problem, I offer coaching and web audits. Simply call me at 1-800-877-2776 to schedule an appointment.

Specialties: Online marketing audits, legal marketing coaching, Law firm internet marketing, legal website traffic conversion, legal lead generation, search engine optimization, sales coaching & training, legal content writing, & video production.