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I am very passionate three things. First, I am very passionate about helping people succeed. Second, I am very passionate about truth and justice. Third, I am very passionate about online legal marketing. Therefore, I am dedicating my time, resources and energy in order to provide you with breaking legal marketing news, best practices and proven marketing insights. I am here to help and serve you. This website is dedicated to providing you with “the what,” “the how” and “the why” of cutting edge legal marketing news, techniques and best practices.

Since 1998, I have helped develop, grow and improve 7 of the 10 most trafficked legal web portals, attorney directories and legal “lead generation” websites. (View my credentials here). My experience is unmatched in the online legal marketing field. A few of my existing and past clients included Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers®, Lexis Nexis ( Division), LegalZoom, and many others.

The Secret Sauce Revealed

Since 1998, I have seen and heard all of the horror stories when it comes to SEO service providers. One thing that stands out, is this non-disclosure of The reason is simple. We want to protect our industry from unethical and unscrupulous search engine optimization service providers who lie, cheat and steal.

On June 13, 2017, I launched this website The mission of is to educate and empower attorneys with regards all areas of legal marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Content Writing, Web Design and Video Marketing. This website was developed to expose the lies and misinformation that is purposely promulgated by unscrupulous SEO and Digital Marketing companies in order to steal your hard earned money. Deceptive SEO and Digital Marketing companies have one goal. Their goal is overcomplicate and confuse you. They hide their techniques and their performance by tell you that the do not disclose their “Secret Sauce.” This is designed to hide their lack of effort, skill and results while draining you of your money. These “scam artists” are not interested in your results or building a long-term relationship with you. If they were interested in producing results and having a long-term business relationship with you, they would be communicating with you regularly. You would receiving “activity reports” and “performance reports.”

Empowering You to Protect Your Vital Interests

The knowledge that we will be sharing with you, will empower you. No longer will you be making decisions in the dark. You will have the invaluable insights to help you make confident and competent marketing decisions. You will be able to audit your legal adverting, SEO and Digital Media service providers saving you money and lost opportunities.

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of is to publish and promote valuable legal marketing “best practices” and “insights” that actually produce real results. Our goal is to demonstrate our Expertise, Authority and 100% Trustworthiness by providing the “Secret Sauce” regarding Online Legal Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (Aka SEO), Social Media Marketing, Sales, Lead generation, Web Design, Conversion, Content Writing and Content Marketing.

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